Nør Restaurant | Sa Terrasseta

Sa Terrasseta

A beach bar in the middle of the mountains, in El Tarter, Andorra. A unique terrace with spectacular mountain views.


From Thursday to Monday, from 1pm to 8pm
Tuesdays and Wednesdays closed

Sa Terrasseta is reminiscent of the beach bars of the Balearic Islands, in the middle of the mountains. Leave Andorra without leaving it.
You’ll discover a cuisine that combines tradition and innovation in equal measure, where fire and smoke give a unique identity to our seasonal dishes and home-smoked products.
In a relaxed, open-air atmosphere, simple dishes prepared with fresh, quality produce.

Feel the power of fire and smoke in our dishes.

Our cuisine is based on smoke and fire. That’s why many of our dishes have a smoky flavour. With varying degrees of intensity. Every morning, our master smoker uses oak and olive wood to light the smokehouse and, for hours on end, treat the many products in the house with almost scientific precision: ribs, fish, vegetables and greens. We have rediscovered this ancestral technique of preserving food. Grilling is also part of our identity. The raw material is always fresh, and we pamper it with the age-old preservation techniques of smoking and marinating. And we always use local produce, from Andorra or the Pyrenees. The result is an innovative and surprising cuisine, with dishes and flavours you won’t find anywhere else.

Music, beers and cocktails

The DNA of Sa Terrasseta is that of a beach bar, but right in the mountains. And what do you do in a beach bar? Drink!
And as a beach bar, background music, informal treatment and a relaxed atmosphere are the very essence of our terrace.
With a carefully selected wine list, classic cocktails such as mojitos, signature cocktails, aperols, summer reds, vermouths… and of course beers to suit all tastes.
Some days we have live music. Follow us on our Instagram to find out about upcoming live music events.
And if there’s no live music, pay attention to our playlists… you’re sure to love them.

Our star dishes

The burger

The dancing queen. The simplest, but unrivalled. The most critically acclaimed.
All thanks to a simple combination of delicious ingredients: 100% Andorran beef, ground by us and cooked on our own grill. We’ve chosen an artisan oatmeal bun to make it as light as possible so you can enjoy our burger to the full; tomato, lettuce, caramelised onion, cheese and, of course, the chef’s magic.
Less, but more!

Burguer Sa Terrasseta


Ribs à la St Louis, whole rack of Duroc pork, organic pork from the Pyrenees. We marinate the ribs with a homemade (and secret) blend, and cook them at a low temperature for a long time. When you eat them, even the bones come away. Promise.

Ribs a Sa Terrasseta

Grilled mussels

Fresh, top-quality mussels from the Ebro Delta, cooked on the grill. With our homemade Lourdes water. A holy water that gives the mussels a sublime flavour.

Mejillones a la brasa


Yes, it’s a bomb, of course, thanks to the perfect marriage of dulce de leche (sweetened cream of milk) and banana. On a supposedly brioche pancake, the bomb is presented, the cream of dulce de leche and banana. With ice cream and dried fruit. No words needed.

Banoffee Sa Terrasseta

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